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Vintage Rompers & Hair Scarf

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Product Summary:
Trendy, edgy, stylish. You can't go wrong with this romper. Live on the wild side and enjoy the Fall days with an edgy new look, that's sure to get you noticed. Comes in a variety of color that you're sure to love!

Product Description:
Style: Boho/Casual
Color: Red, Blue, Brown/Black, Black/Pink
Season: Summer
Material: Polyester
Product Size:
Small: Length 26 in, Bust 46 in, Sleeve Length 19 in,
Medium: Length 26 in, Bust 48 in, Sleeve Length 19 in.
Large: Length 27 in, But 50 in, Sleeve Length 20 in.
X-Large: Length 27 in, Bust 51 in, Sleeve Length 29 in.
Small: Length 15 in, Waist 39 in, Hip 26 in.
Medium: Length 15 in, Waist 41 in, Hip 28 in.
Large: Length 15 in, Waist 43 in, Hip 29 in.
X-Large: Length 15 in, Waist 44 in, Hip 31 in.

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