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Haunted Hill Farm Life-Size Animatronic Reaper | Indoor/Outdoor Halloween Decoration | Flashing Red Eyes | Poseable | Battery-Operated

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Deceiver the Reaper could not be more excited for Halloween… but it isn’t candy he looks forward to collecting… He begs to be released into the night, craving a Halloween feast. His flashing red eyes cast a glow of evil anticipation as he hunts wickedly, and he releases clanking chain and breaking glass noises as he feasts. Few dare approach the demon, for Deceiver’s flapping black wings, dark ragged cloak, bony hands, sharpened fingernails and gruesome grin intimidate even the bravest of souls. His poseable arms end in skeleton hands complete with sharp long fingernails. Reach them out to beckon victims near. Suspend him from your porch to give the reaper an eerie floating appearance or prop him on his stand next to your holiday treats. If you invite Deceiver over this Halloween, be warned. His hunger never ends…
  • Be afraid. Be very afraid of Haunted Hill’s Reaper Collection. Deceiver the Reaper could not be more excited for Halloween… but it isn’t candy he looks forward to collecting. He begs to be released into the night, craving a Halloween feast. If you invite Deceiver over this Halloween, be warned. His hunger never ends.
  • Life-Size Animatronic: Poseable Halloween skeleton is perfect for your indoor or (covered) outdoor décor. Display your animated decoration in a variety of different scary and evil ways at your next party.
  • Multi-Function Prop: Creepy and spooky! This talking animated reaper lights up and moans. He will turn your home into a haunted house in no time. Prop on the stand or hang Deceiver the Reaper for a spooky graveyard look.
  • Touch Activated: Place your figure at your front door or along your walkway to delight and frighten trick or treaters. Activates by touch or from loud noise/motion like wind or the screams of scared people passing by!
  • Features: Wings move "(GLass Break and chain rattling). OOOOh. oooh. ohhh. Help me" "heeeeee. Let me out. ahhhhhh" "Release me. I want out. I want out"
  • 63 in. animatronic reaper for indoor and covered outdoor display
  • Deceiver is touch activated- talks, wings move, eyes flash red, clanking chain and breaking glass sounds
  • Sinister voice and creepy cries greet visitors in three frightening phrases
  • Phrase 1: "Ooh...oooh...ohhh. Help me!"
  • Phrase 2: "HEEE! Let me out! Ahhhhhh..."
  • Phrase 3: "Release me! I want out, I want out!"
  • Skull features a fearsome toothy grin
  • Skeleton hands complete with long sharp fingernails
  • Tattered black cloak blends Deceiver with the night
  • Poseable arms bend into a variety of scary positions

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