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Aerial Silks 9 Yards Yoga Hammock Kit (Low-Stretch) for Aerial Dance, Flying Yoga, Yoga Starter Kit with Hardware Set - Swing for All Levels, Suit for 8-13 ft Ceiling Height (Dark Red)

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What is aerial yoga?
Aerial yoga combines traditional asana (the physical postures of yoga) and yoga philosophies with the aerial arts. Silk fabrics and/or ropes are hung from above to aid practitioners in forming shapes.
Hanging fully or suspending individual body parts is believed to create traction and open your body more gently and intuitively than when you’re on the floor. The aerial yoga silks and ropes can also be helpful for balance.
The aerial silks is made from 40-denier tricot nylon for excellent flexibility and wrap. You can be fully supported by it and even lying down entirely, like in a hammock or wrap the aerial yoga hammock around particular body parts, keeping other parts on the floor.
Whether you are just starting off, or you are very experienced in hammock practices, this is a great setup to take your flow to the next level. You will receive a set of low stretch aerial fabric that is a super comfy 9 yards . Each setup also includes and multiple combo accessories.

Package Content
1x 9 yards elastic aerial silk
2x steel screw-lock carabiners (25KN)
2x reinforced daisy chains (3.6ft, 23kn)
1x rescue figure 8/descender (6744LBS)
1x infinity swivel (7194LBS)
1x free resistance band

  • IDEAL STRETCH AND FLEXIBILITY: Complete your aerial yoga experience with our soft ACROBATICS-40 denier tricot aerial silk fabric. Our aerial silk provides medium stretch and firm grip, easy to climb and perfect for beginners and pros doing airborne.
  • 2 IN 1 MULTIFUNCTIONAL DESIGN: Compatible perfectly with the yoga swing stand, use it as a home silk gymnastics or turn it upside down as a yoga hammock. Practice Aerial Yoga Dance, Handstand Therapy, Meditation and more without purchasing 2 products separately.
  • STUDIO QUALITY COMPLETE AERIAL SILK EQUIPMENT: Premium Aerial Yoga Silk is paired with certified high-strength hardware rigging. 2 Steel Turn-Lock Carabiner, Rescue 8 / Descender, Carabiner Swivel, 2x reinforced daisy chains, 1x gift resistance band.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Get started right away with our simple aerial yoga setup and detailed picture instructions. Ideal for ceilings 8-13 feet high, with 11.5 feet hanging on both sides. Do it at home or take it to the studio - practice anytime, anywhere!
  • SAFE, TRUSTED AND HIGH QUALITY: Feel peace of mind when practicing and performing with our climbing-grade hardware. Fabric has been tested for a maximum weight of 2000 lbs., and accessories can withstand over 3000 lbs.

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