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We are an online retailer that works with hundreds of brands, manufactures and companies to provide you with great quality, prices and brands. We specialize in products that can help improve your day-to-day life, at a price point, you can afford. We are Tailor Our brand to the over worked and underappreciated that wants to make or have product in their home or life that both simplify and improve the day to day Juggling act women Preform while working 80hr weeks and taking care of their home and career

Here at ZGM, We Work With Hundreds of Brands, Manufactures and Companies Around The World To Provide You with The Very Best In Product, Quality, and Price. You Can Find Them All Here On Our Exclusive Brands Page:
Shop here to find Brands You Know, Love, and Trust: We work-hard to bring you the latest in styles and trends while making sure to provide a price you fall-in-love with.
We aim to make every customer feel like home and work hard to ensure every customer, who comes through our store can find a style that’s personal to them. We love to mix the comfortable everyday with classy and sassy, and everything from boho to chique. Our styles can easily take you from lounging around to out-on-the-town.

Our Mission:

Here at Zen Goddess Merchandise, we want to help you Create the Zen space you need when coming off a crazy work schedule! Let’s face it! These days Our crazy schedules can keep us so busy that we forget to slow down and treasure the simple things in life! We take for granted the moment and forget to treasure each day! Hi my names Maria and I am a Mom of 4 crazy kids, I homeschool, I take care of my sick father in law, Who suffer from COPD, I work 80hr weeks and I am our sole house keeper. My crazy schedule is well CRAZY! I bet your wonder How I do it? Well, here at ZGM we don’t just want to sell you a product we want to help you transform you Work and home Life so you can have time to treasure the simple things again! We want to help give you tips, tricks and products that will help take you back to the time, when you had time for you and enjoyed your life and I mean truly enjoyed your life. I’m not talking about that drunk college party or that time you smoke MJ in Chad’s basement! NO, no I’m taking about transforming your work and home life in away, that helps you enjoy each day again, while managing your crazy schedule. I’m talking about changing your way of living so your life is no longer misery and cheesecake but happy, simple moments that you can treasure again and again! Let us help you, transform your Zen Space and Bring your Happy Back:

We work hard to bring you the styles of today, while keeping an eye on the trends of tomorrow. Customer Satisfaction is our highest priority, so look around and we hope you find something that brings out the goddess within.


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